Cuepy 800 mini battery pack


Cuepy 800 mini battery pack is only 3kg,You only need to carry an extra battery, and you can immediately restore full power


Model:Cuepy 800 mini battery pack



Quick battery swap, unlimited battery life the first detachable Power supply

1. Adventage one: The battery runs out of seconds to replace the new battery to meet the continuos demand for electricity. And the new battery can be easily replaced by hand-tightening the nut.


2. Adventure two: An extra battery, more power, lighter weight and better price. Combination of about 1.5 kWh of electricity 13KG. 3. Adventage three: Meet a variety of electricity scenarios Flexible with different capacity batteries. Public powermanagement module(about 3KG). Suitable for light power consumption. Suitable for medium-intensity power consumption. 4. Advantage four: A better way to deal with battery cell degradation. Just need a new battery, the whole machine immediately full-blooded operation.

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Weight 3 kg


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