Cuepy 2000W


Brings the power – that is stable, safe, and it offers huge 2160Wh capacities, 2000W AC outputs, and a fast recharging efficiency, It will suit your need, and restore happiness – whenever, wherever, for camping, any outdoor activities, or emergency home backup


Model:Cuepy 2000W


Featuring 2160Wh capacity

2000W AC outputs and fast-charging technology can suffice most of your needs
Perfect power station for camping, travelling, outdoor activities and emergency power supply


Ultra-long life travel portable model

2160Wh | 2000W

With 2000W AC output, it can offer power for more than 95% of household appliances
When you are outdoor, it can supply utmost 13 electric devices, including microwave, fridge, and drone


Super Fast Charging

Charge 0-100% in 2 hours

More Convenient: Only one power cord is needed.
Less Charging Time:  Fully charged within 2 hours, That’s 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market


Safe, more environmentally friendly

LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Thanks to LiFePo4 chemical battery material,it can give you 3000+ times charge-discharge cycle
This is 6X longer than the industry average level
It is also in line with our concept of protecting the environment

Charge anywhere

3 Ways to Charge

Solar charging units is very convenient for carrying
You can take it to camping or travelling and use it to power up your family necessities
Whether you are resting at home or enjoying your journey, it can provide you with a stable, lasting and reliable energy supply at any time as long as you need it


Family energy storage

Address the problem of power outages

It can provide electricity to keep the electrical necessities running
when indoor or outdoor power failure happens

Easy to Operate


Power Anywhere, Anytime


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