Cuepy Lepo 1000W


Removable Battery

Quick power battery exchange

When the battery runs out, you can replace a new battery within seconds to meet the continuous demand for electricity.

With an extra battery, you can get more power in a better price and won’t cause excessive weight.

Together they can provide you with about 1.6kWh electricity supply and weight 17kg.

Charge 0-100% in 1.8 hours

Super Fast Charging

More Convenient: Only one power cord is needed.

Less Charging Time:  Fully charged within 1.8 hours,

That’s 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market

LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Safe!  for up to 10 years of use

Thanks for LiFePo4 chemical battery material,

it can give you 3000+ times charge-discharge cycle.

This is 6X  longer than the industry average level.

3 Ways to Charge

Charge anywhere

Still having concerns about recharging?
Now the 1000W series is here to address this problem by providing 3 different ways of charging,
from fast AC charge to solar charge and car charge.

Solar charging units is very convenient for carrying.

You can take it to camping or travelling and use it to power up your family necessities.

Whether you are resting at home or enjoying your journey,

it can provide you with a stable, lasting and reliable energy supply at any time as long as you need it.

1000W Output  806.4 Wh

Small size. Big power

The first choice for high-powered devices, can drive up to 1000W devices,

rich power supply interface compatible with 95% of common appliances,

with fast charging and portable power exchange to meet the requirements of sophisticated camping

<30ms EPS Auto-switch

Emergency Power Supply

With less than 30ms switchover speed,
1000W series can be used as an emergency power supply during overnight outages to keep essential equipment running,
like indoor lights and fish tank oxygen concentrator.


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