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In 2012, the Kunlun Technology was officially founded.


In 2013, a first-class R & D team was formed by the Kunlun Technology - a high-tech enterprise that focus on professional R & D, manufacturing and sales of laptop battery protection board.


In 2016, based on the original battery protection technology business, the Kunlun Technology had set up a new production line for notebook battery products according to customer demand and market development direction, providing customers with safe and high-quality products and continue to create maximum value for customers. With all these efforts, the company had once again proved itself the most trusted portable energy storage and green energy company in the world.


In 2019, under the promotion of “carbon neutral, carbon peak” policy, the green energy has formally become a global trend. To follow this trend, the Corumway - a brand of the Kunlun Technology - officially launched the “portable outdoor power” energy storage project after meticulous independent research and development. Thanks for this project, the company successfully made achievement in "Bidirectional Inverter Technology" and “Super-fast charging”. Not only that, the original design of the detachable power model can meet the needs of continuous power consumption more faster and convenient.

Our Mission

In 2022, after 3 years of independent research, CORUMWAY portable power station series were officially launched in the market. Our mission is to improve life through technological innovation and enable every household in the world to have a portable energy storage power supply, thus changing the way of life. The company developed the original battery protection technology and is the world’s most trusted portable energy storage and green energy company.

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Corporate Patents and Certifications

Total Number of Patents


Technology patents,utility patents,appearance patens and  Various authoritative safety certifications

Production Capacity:500,000 units per year

Factory Area 5,000m²

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