Corumway to unveil unique detachable outdoor portable power station at GITEX 2023 in Dubai

Corumway is pleased to announce its first-ever participation in the Dubai International Technology Exchange Exhibition (GITEX), where we will be showcasing our breakthrough innovation: Outdoor Portable Energy Storage Solutions. Throughout the event, our focus will be to highlight the superior design of the removable battery module, providing attendees with sustainable, versatile, and efficient energy solutions.

After more than three years of in-depth independent research and development, Corumway has successfully overcome various technical challenges and launched a detachable outdoor energy storage solution. Our presence at GITEX in Dubai promises to be the center of attention as the most striking feature of our solution is its removable battery module design. This novel innovation brings unprecedented convenience and flexibility to users. With the growing popularity of outdoor activities and mobile work environments, the need for reliable mobile energy has become critical. Corumway’s detachable battery module allows users to customize the battery capacity according to their precise needs, and simply replace the battery to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, easily meeting various energy needs, whether it is camping, outdoor adventures, or remote field operations.

Additionally, Jimmy Zhang, Corumway Global Marketing Director, highlighted the company’s strong commitment to continuous innovation in the sustainable energy sector. Our outdoor portable energy storage solutions integrate cutting-edge energy management technologies to optimize energy use and minimize waste. Equipped with an efficient solar charging system, the product enables users to charge the battery with clean, renewable solar energy, contributing to environmental protection.

GITEX Dubai is the Middle East’s premier technology event, attracting technology visionaries and pioneers from around the world. The purpose of Corumway’s participation is to share our latest progress in the field of green energy with international counterparts, explore potential cooperation, and jointly push the frontier of technological advancement.

We warmly invite all stakeholders to visit our booth and experience our unique outdoor portable energy storage solutions first-hand. Our booth is located at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, booth number H13-10. Our dedicated team will be at your disposal to provide comprehensive product demonstrations and consultations throughout the event.

About Corumway:

With an unwavering commitment to leading research and innovation in sustainable energy, Corumway relentlessly creates energy solutions for every energy need.

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